Axioo: Andreas Permadi
May 24, 2018    |   By Adi
Understated Elegance
courtesy of Lisa & Frazer

Lisa looks a lot like a young Connie Britton to us. And seeing how we’re obsessed with the refined actress in her work Nashville, it’s a serious compliment for our bride of the day. Fraser himself is definitely an eye-candy with his muscular built and dazzling smile. What luck for us to have such good looking couple to eternalize!


Located at the exclusive estate of Ungasan, it was a busy day for Lisa and Fraser. Still our bride spent some chillax-ing time and enjoyed the fine morning in the company of her dear ones. There’s a naturally beautiful flair about Lisa that really captivated our camera. As she moved with confidence and anticipation all at once, we can’t help but be smitten by this lady.


What continued next is a celebration of romance and love at its finest for these two lovebirds. In the relaxing vibe of the island, everyone enjoyed what seemed to be one of the most elegant and perfect weddings in a while.


Everything spelled sleek, smooth, and sophisticated for Lisa and Fraser. We simply cannot gush enough during the day itself or even when looking back at the results. We’re not sure if that’s the specific feel they’re aiming for or that debonair air is always ever present for this pair ( Pretty sure it’s the latter though). Simply said, it’s a delight to have been a part of this lovely couple.


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