Axioo: Understated Elegance
May 24, 2018   |   By Adi
Understated Elegance
Courtesy of Lisa & Frazer

Many times our photographers get into the battlefield with not much an idea about how the elements would be. While Bali is blessed with sunny days all year round, sometimes there’s always a chance of showers, strong winds, extreme heat or even too much sun. When the event lasts all throughout evening, there’s also the challenge of lighting to consider.


But instead of being discouraged or fearful, they are the things that get our creative juices flowing. And our best motivation is simple : the couple.

Axioo: Hoping for the Sun
Apr 10, 2018   |   By Will
Hoping for the Sun
Courtesy of Ryan & Melyana

“We were worried days before our wedding day because of the weather, although we know it is something we could not control. But God is good and He is never far, we were reminded not to worry for He is always in control. On the wedding day, we were grateful God granted us miracles! It was all bright & sunny just like what we hoped for. With the help of Will (who is very easy-going and funny), the wedding photoshoot went really well! Everything happened so beautifully and naturally!” - Melyana


Apr 09, 2018   |   By Yosep
Friendship That Lasts Forever
Courtesy of Nicholas & Jocelyn

This ‘Same Day Edit’ reel is told from the perspectives of Nicholas’s groomsmen - 4 young men who probably know the groom more than he knows himself at times.


It’s always a nice change of scene to see what our friends speak of us. Putting these fellas in front of camera for a word or two had been fun, because they got all serious and shared what they really thought of their good friend Nicholas. Although we’re sure that if there camera was off, they’d be joking all day long about Nicholas and more!