Axioo: The Nearness of You
Nov 13, 2017   |   By Adi
The Nearness of You
Courtesy of Logan & Debora

It was as if the stars were aligned, these two unsuspecting souls enrolled at the same time in an MBA course in Melbourne five years ago. Both were looking to change the course of their career. Little did they know, an innocent invite to an old Italian gelato bar would flourish into a five year journey which brought them together in a Holy matrimony.


It was his caring personality, his musical talent and his impeccably neat apartment that charmed her in the beginning. For him it was her bubbly personality, love of food and alluring beauty that she never realised she nor admit she has that drew him closer to her each day. Together they created their own little bubble where each feels safe, comfortable and at home wherever they are.

Axioo: I never saw him coming
Nov 10, 2017   |   By Will
I never saw him coming
Courtesy of Johanes & Jessica

Our love is unexpected. I never saw it coming. I never expected to be in the relationship. Nevertheless, it’s the best relationship ever.


I’m a firm believer of friendship before love, like that Jason Mraz song, “It’s lucky to be in love with my best friend.” Hahahaha. My ex-boyfriends are my ex-best friends. So, usually when a total stranger randomly ask for my number, I escaped from the room.

Axioo: I Thought We’re Going to Breakup
Nov 09, 2017   |   By Donny
I Thought We’re Going to Breakup
Courtesy of Andrie & Evelyn

There are countless reasons why I love him. He’s a gentleman kinda guy. He treats me very well. He’s not a patient guy, but he’s very patient with me. He apologizes when we argue. He loves my family. He always say, “you’re pretty,” even when I feel like I’m not. He’s very funny, he never fails to make me laugh. The list goes on and on. But, the thing I love the most about him is that I can just be myself even from our very first date.


One time, I caused a problem and we argued. Apparently, on top of having this problem with me, he had a work-related problem too. It’s the first time I saw Andrie like this. It’s very strange for me. I missed him.