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Dec 06, 2018
Home : The More, The Merrier

Veronica Felicia Kumala, or better known as Cici Panda or Cipan wherever she goes, shared with us what life is like for her these days.


The talented sweetheart who is as humble as she is funny opened her door and allowed us a glimpse of her idea of home. It took less than a second for us to see that the glow on her face was attributed to one reason and one reason only : her family.

Axioo: Blissful Tropical Dream
Dec 05, 2018   |   By Will
Blissful Tropical Dream
Courtesy of Michael & Jemma

You don’t need to know the history or the details of their story, but we’re pretty confident to say that you’ll feel the utter bliss and joy that Michael and Jemma shared on their wedding day- through this gallery.


You don’t need to have had the pleasure of her friendship, but you’d say that Jemma the bride looked every bit like a dream herself. Making Michael, a darn good looking fella himself, the luckiest man alive on their wedding day.

Axioo: Bohemian Summer Dream
Nov 28, 2018   |   By Adi
Bohemian Summer Dream
Courtesy of Stefania & Malek

The wedding of Malek and Stefania is the union of two very good looking people, surrounded by the warmest friends and family, and took place in one of the most awe-inspiring- straight-out-of-Pinterest-fantasy venues.


The theme had been consistent from early morning. Casual and laid back - our bride, Stefania, let her hair down, flowing as free as her bare-shoulder lace gowns. Her bouquet is filled with the most colorful petals, as bright and blinding as her smile. The sun was soon rising high, but we dare say that Stefania’s glow was completely radiating from her own inner happiness.