Axioo: The Everlasting Spirit of Bali
Aug 21, 2020   |   By Adi
The Everlasting Spirit of Bali

While the world seems to sleep behind walls, the glowing spirit of Bali stays lively. Swirling beneath the musical palm leaves. Twinkling on each waves of afternoon sea. Breathing with the salty wind that softly brushes cheeks.


The same spirit that would seal vows of love by the majestic Indian Ocean and sew hearts of families and friends into one in intimate receptions.

Axioo: Stay safe, stay healthy, stay in love
Aug 20, 2020   |   By Yosep
Stay safe, stay healthy, stay in love

We are Bali Wedding Association. Our wedding venues and wedding professionals are always ready to host your BIG day in Bali. In these unusual circumstances, Bali Wedding Association Members are taking thorough precautions to keep everyone safe. We are here to ensure your special day will run both safely and smoothly.


From the moment you land on our island, each vehicle you use is cleaned before and after we pick you up, equipped with a divider between the driver and the passenger section, and complete hygiene amenities are included on board. The driver will drive you safely to your destination.

Axioo: Dreams, Goals, and Relationships
Jun 30, 2020   |   By Will
Dreams, Goals, and Relationships
Courtesy of Renaldi & Peggy

Chances are, you’ve been told not to dream too high. To set realistic expectations, to have achievable goals instead.


We live through our lives accomplishing one goal after another, like slashing our way through this jungle called life. We live through our lives putting our dreams on the back burner, not knowing if we will ever get around to see them come true. Why? Because dreams are abstract and unachievable. Goals are more favorable because they are practical. Dreams are unrealistic or inferior to goals… or are they?