Axioo: Aesthetics Goals
Nov 13, 2019   |   By Adi
Aesthetics Goals
Courtesy of Ilir & Sibel

They say if you’re looking for the prettiest girl in the world, go find a bride in white. The wedding day is the moment when a woman looks her absolute best in all of her lifetime. And as wedding photographers, we totally second that.


As our bride, Sibel, appeared in her custom- design wedding gown, we’re again reminded of how true that saying is. Wrapped in a stylish and refined white dress, her asymmetrical dress was a coming together of both femininity and edginess in one perfect piece. Keeping her hair down and makeup minimal, it’s as if she’s letting her best features shine and shine she did.

Axioo: Thriving With You
Nov 06, 2019   |   By Donny
Thriving With You
Courtesy of Jonathan & Erica

There are many ways to know if you have fallen in love. There are the classic signs such as the fluttering butterflies in the tummy, how someone occupies your brain 24/7, or how everything just simply reminds you of them. There’s even a list of scientific signs to tell if you’re in love. It includes intense staring, feeling that dopamine high, to huge stress response.


To fall in love can involve a myriad of emotional reactions that can be one heck of an exciting ride. But if falling in love is one thing, how about staying in it? To find the one, they say you’re required to fall in love over and over again. The idea sounds logical, but there’s only so much the heart can take when it comes to excitement right?

Nov 05, 2019   |   By Robb
Let Them Flourish
Courtesy of Dennis & Jenny

Love and control — it’s unusual to associate the two of them. But the truth is, we often mistake one for the other.


All of us spent most of our childhood learning how to take care of things. We learned to take special care of our toys, our smartphones, our pets. Once we got to call something “mine”, we slowly fell in love with it. We wanted to have it in our hands forever, prevent it from breaking or decaying, and take it with us wherever we go.