Mar 25, 2017 | By Donny

“It’s all in the essence”. That short sentiment probably describes what Axioo strives for, whether in photographic stills or videographic motions. It’s those little details in the fabrics, the small gestures a bridesmaid share with another, the tiny tear that forms in the eyes of a watchful mother of the bride, or a 2-second glance of love shared between the newlyweds.


It’s simple really. As photographer or videographer, we get only a glimpse or to be exact- a day-, to eternalize their love journey of hundreds of days. The way we see it, the wedding day is the peak celebration that honors what a couple has intricately weaved in their relationship and it is our duty to break the 24 hours down into miniscule details of perfection. ... more

Mar 20, 2017 | By Robb

A wedding is an exhausting process, physically and emotionally so. The months building up to your big day can be excruciatingly tiring, turning even the most resilient brides-to-be into troubled planners. Then there’s the emotional parts too that are not far from worries, doubts, and other negative feelings.


So why do we go through it? Simple. Because nothing worth having comes easy. There’s a reason why relationship is often said to be similar to riding a rollercoaster, it’s filled with ups and downs. The discouragements during your sad moments can be disheartening, but love can lift you up in the instant and make you whole over and over again. ... more

Feb 12, 2017 | By Donny

I remember the very first day I stepped into the AXIOO office in 2011. I got down from my car in front of the black gate. I noticed there was an iron-cast logo embedded on the gate, in the shape of Woofy and Oreo, the company’s mascots. I was nervous as heck because it was my first day. But upon seeing that logo, I heaved a sigh of relief. I don’t know why Woofy and Oreo were on the gate, but as a dog person myself, I instantly felt like the company wanted to portray their sense of love, values towards friendship and loyalty, and I knew that I was at the right place.


No matter how many Youtube videos or Facebook pictures I have seen of this company, AXIOO in reality is truly beyond words. Not only have I proven that everything Woofy and Oreo represents is true - this company is indeed loving and they value friendship and loyalty like no other - I have been blessed with leaders who become role models and friends that become family. Forget about pulling your own weight, everyone here strives to go the extra miles! And the best part is that we carry each other along as we walk. ... more

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