Jun 21, 2019   |   By Yosep
Courtesy of Yung & Rita

Meanings and concepts are evolvable. Over time, the things we see right now from one angle will reveal to us their various other sides. Words like “nice”, “fantastic”, and “flirt” all find their roots from the words “ignorant,” “imaginative,” and “sneer at” consecutively. The word “sick”, which originally meant “ill”, have now been used by the younger generations as a word that means “cool”, and who is to tell what this word will further evolve to in the future?


The evolution of concepts goes the same for the word “Purity”. In the ancient world, purity was heavily associated with cleanliness. Fast forward a few thousand years later, purity became tethered to ideas of innocence and perfection. Purity was like the color white, like clear water, or other untouched and uncontaminated objects. Sure, those are a few angles in which we can view the idea of purity, but let’s take a closer look at purity from its other sides.

Axioo: Priceless Millions Memories
Jun 21, 2019   |   By Will
Priceless Millions Memories
Courtesy of Carmen & Adrian

Weddings is about the making of many things, but above all, it’s about the making of precious memories.


The thing is, memory is a tricky thing. It constantly changes and consists of layers, making it hard for us to tell which is which. Sometimes we mix and merge them up, unable to distinguish which in fact happened or if they are just random motions and images we’re making up. That’s why two people in one same situation may perceive or remember things differently.

Axioo: Brides Luxe, April-September 2019.
Jun 19, 2019   |   By Donny
Brides Luxe, April-September 2019.

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