Jul 16, 2019   |   By Ray
Crafting Timeless Beauty
Courtesy of Marlin & Acha

Today, we’re going to stray away from the love or couple topic and swerve right in the beauty of wedding trends.


The thing about trends is you don’t want to completely submit to them, without putting your own personal touch and creative spin that is YOU. Another thing is that you want to combine just the right elements, crafting an event that is everlasting but still feel current and relatable in its own way.

Axioo: Written in The Stars
Jul 10, 2019   |   By Will
Written in The Stars
Courtesy of Edwin Siu & Priscilla Wong

It’s a star-studded wedding celebration in every definition possible. Yes, we’re talking about the wedding of Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong, the not-so-newly-wed TVB stars. The beautiful couple actually had secretly tied the knot back in 2018, but only had the opportunity to celebrate it in the most lavish and romantic way in the paradisiacal Bali.


And celebrate they did. We knew right away that we’re about to embark on a super intimate and eventful union of the two. Only attended by a handful of closest friends and family, honored is an understatement to be in the presence of their truly one-of-a-kind coming together event.

Axioo: The Making of a Classic
Jul 04, 2019   |   By Adi
The Making of a Classic
Courtesy of Brad & Kristy

In Axioo Bali, we’ve seen all kinds of wedding styles. Some come in for a millennial trendy vibe, opting certain color palettes and the most updated styling. While some just straight in with the classics, Brad and Cristy included.


Their wedding is all about delicate white color, lush greenery, light mood and minimal decor with all the tried and true details that never go out of style. We love a classic wedding simply because the timelessness values are ever so vivid, giving you warm memories and comfort that you’ll still love 15-20 years from now.