Jan 17, 2020   |   By Robb
More than Love
Courtesy of Barry & Ursula


Axioo: Meaningful Moments
Jan 14, 2020   |   By Donny
Meaningful Moments
Courtesy of Brian & Jessica

From the wedding of Brian and Jessica, came a celebration of love in all its finest details. We knew they were special from the start as they gracefully showed us how they’d like to remember that day, in their own extraordinary, delicate and purposeful ways.


For Jessica, her idea of beauty is shown through her carefully selected fine wedding gown. It’s an essentially simple white gown but dreamily beautiful in all the right places. She continued to keep things simple but significant with a lovely pink Mandarin dress and minimal makeup. As for Brian, it’s a display of brotherhood in forms of friendship and fun all rolled into one.

Axioo: Next-Level Refined Simplicity
Jan 08, 2020   |   By Will
Next-Level Refined Simplicity
Courtesy of Tom & Alice

At every turn of the year, comes an anticipation of what the wedding trends will bring next. Each season marks a new style that is fresh, mind-blowing and keeps getting better as it goes.


While we cannot pinpoint who dictates these trends or how it’s applied for sure, it’s always apparent to witness each couple brings their unique flair to their weddings. Like always, we learn from the best ie. our very own couples who never fail to teach us one or two things about staying in style.