Axioo: Love and Prudence
Oct 11, 2019   |   By Donny
Love and Prudence
Courtesy of Yoshua & Natali

Not everything should be shoved into the hands of fate. Sometimes, the reason we surrender our decision-making process to fate is because we don’t want to take responsibility for our own lives. We avoid being blamed for our shortcomings by handing over our responsibility to the hands of something that is vague, something like fate. But the truth is, by doing this, we’re actually just leaving behind a trail of excuses, trying to deceive ourselves.


Why are we making the decisions that we’re making? It’s good to be honest with ourselves. Are we being fooled by the trail of excuses that we’ve left for ourselves? When making a choice, following the heart might just lead us into a tricky maze. Instead of following something that makes us happy, we should follow what we believe is true, noble, and right. Don’t wake up every day looking for happiness, wake up everyday looking to always do and choose what is right.

Oct 11, 2019   |   By Ray
Life’s Beautiful Surprise
Courtesy of Dong Ik & Tiara

Love doesn’t always rest upon two individuals who have just met each other for the first time — it doesn’t always arrive at the first sight. Love sometimes chooses to seep into the friendships that already exist. It seeps into where trust has been built, where thought patterns and jokes have been shared. It likes to seep into places where connection and chemistry have been developed over time.


Love likes to knock unexpectedly at our door. It comes in at the most unexpected times. In some cases, love can even interrupt two best friends on their journey. All we know is that our best friend could one day become so special to us. Suddenly, our whole world revolves around them and, suddenly, we see everything else so clearly.

Oct 11, 2019   |   By Robb
Like an Escapade
Courtesy of Halda & Erin

Many of us tend to think that love is like a bright and sunny day filled with rainbows and butterflies, like a day of having nothing to do but watch the clouds as they pass by, as our fears and worries start to fade away.


But, the truth is, love looks more like an escapade. The dictionary definition of an “escapade” is something that is unusual, adventurous, and exciting. Isn’t that exactly how we feel when we fall in love?