Apr 17, 2017

I roamed the city of Paris on my own last week. I had a few days to myself before I had to meet clients for a pre-wedding session. It wasn’t the first time and it definitely wouldn’t be the last. I had been to the romantic capital of the world countless times in the last fifteen years, since I made wedding photography my day job and especially since Paris gained popularity as pre-wedding destination. Often I am accompanied by my wife who loves Paris just as much as I do or by other photographers on the team, but it’s not seldom that I’m there on my own.


Being in Paris, on a job, on my own gave me a lot of time to reflect on AXIOO and the joy it has brought me in the past fifteen years. This was the dream. This is now the life. And I couldn’t help but be filled with overwhelming gratitude, because we have come so far from that one desk at the corner of our tiny apartment. ... more

Apr 13, 2017 | By Donny

Edward and Levina met in Korea, precisely at a kitchen dorm. Edward was visiting Melyn, his childhood friend who is apparently their mutual friend. Edward and Levina didn’t actually talk. She didn’t even pay attention. But, there’s something about Levina that makes Edward think, “interesting.”


“Ain’t gonna happen, dude,” Melyn laughed, “She’s got a high standard. You will never get her.” ... more

Apr 13, 2017

The ray of golden sun, the caress of tropical wind upon your face, sandy toes in white sprawling beaches, and the stretch of ocean blue as far as the eye can see - just the few definitions of heaven on earth that is Bali. Wouldn’t you agree?


It’s no secret that the beaches in Bali is one of the things that put it in the list of the world’s best destinations. From the more popular throngs of beaches to the hidden gem that are less travelled, there is no shortage of great beaches in the island. ... more

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