Axioo: A Beauty and The Beast Inspired Photoshoot
Feb 20, 2018   |   By Donny
A Beauty and The Beast Inspired Photoshoot
Courtesy of Marvin & Beatrice

Marvin and I had been through a lot. Many months flew by, but everything feels so fast. We can’t believe we’ve known each other for 5 years.


Our moments together are my favorite moments.

Axioo: He's the One
Feb 13, 2018   |   By Will
He's the One
Courtesy of Nico & Given

Our love story is classic.


We fell in love the moment we met. Somehow, everything just clicked. We feel comfortable with each other.

Axioo: The Vows by the Sea
Feb 05, 2018   |   By Will
The Vows by the Sea
Courtesy of Tanjung & Lily

Ever since Lily was a little girl, she has loved weddings. The brides were so beautiful, just like princesses! The grooms were like princes, standing tall speaking promises that they’re going to live happily ever after. She imagined, someday, when she’s old enough, she would stand by the altar too, saying I do. When the brides and grooms kissed, she wondered who would she spend her happily ever after with.


20 years later, she fell in love with a guy she met, TJ, after conversations over hours of texting and countless dinners, but being with him wasn’t a walk in the park.