Oct 12, 2018   |   By Yosep
Lost In Summer Sweetness
Courtesy of Ari & Sherly

In weddings, cinematography and photography goes like peanut butter and jelly. They complement one another, and goes as an inseparable package that makes for an unforgettable keepsake of a lifetime.


Like photography in Axioo, we too have a signature style in our motion reels that we’ve come to identify with. And just like in our photography, our team of cinematographers rests at nothing less than perfection. It’s safe to say that we rarely fall into the same of patterns, despite striving to achieve that one signature style every single time.

Axioo: A Day With Adi #AxiooBali
Oct 08, 2018
A Day With Adi #AxiooBali

If you’ve ever wondered how an Axioo pre-wedding photography runs, then you’re in luck. What we’re going to show you here is quite a rare behind-the-scene with our master photographer, the all-time quirky and most-time cheeky Andreas Permadi or better known as simply Adi.


You might know him from his IG handle, (which we feature a lot!), at @jonihobiholiday. Proceed at your own cost, as you will be treated to his amazing virtual gallery of Axioo-esque wedding pictures and occasional sharing of his personal life.

Axioo: The Beauty of Nature as Witness
Oct 01, 2018   |   By Will
The Beauty of Nature as Witness
Courtesy of Claudius & Yohana

I’ve always dreamed of taking photos in Switzerland. Beautiful landscape with breath-taking green grass field surrounded by Switzerland mountains in the background. The photo you see on the cover here is definitely what I picture in my head whenever I think about a pre-wedding session in Switzerland. I spent the night before the photoshoot day browsing on Google Map & Google Street View to find that particular spot. I have never been there and have never been to that place. I don’t know how it’s going to look like and to be really honest, I don’t know what to expect. It’s like marching in to a new territory, a land you have never explored before.


Then, excitedly (but nervous) I pitched this brilliant idea to Claudius & Yohana. I wasn’t quite sure they wanted to go to that uncharted area but lucky me, they agreed! I was so happy I couldn’t contain the excitement!