Axioo: A Passionately Chic Romance
Jan 16, 2019   |   By Donny
A Passionately Chic Romance
Courtesy of Steven & Jenniver

Here’s a little challenge. Close your eyes and think of a word “wedding”, what do you immediately see in the back of your brain?


If we can guess, you’ll probably visualize a romantic event, a bride/ groom or both, and the soothing white color in the background. You’ll think of calmness, a strong sense of hope and peacefulness. Well, at least we hope that you think of all the positive things at the mention of the word.

Axioo: Eternal Summer Vibes
Jan 14, 2019   |   By Adi
Eternal Summer Vibes
Courtesy of Michael & Jacquy

Ah Summer! Is there anything more carefree, assuring and effervescent that the season of hot loving? We truly doubt it.


Summertime is really the best kind of mood there is. The sun with its golden beam and everglow, ready to let you bask in radiant glow thick with glee. Everything of all colors never fails to come alive, throbbing with the anticipation of fun and adventure- all wrapped into one. The blue of the sky is soothing and the vivid blue sea is as vibrant as can be.

Jan 09, 2019   |   By Yosep
Bohemian Summer Dream
Courtesy of Stephania & Malek

The wedding of Malek and Stefania is the union of two very good looking people, surrounded by the warmest friends and family, and took place in one of the most awe-inspiring- straight-out-of-Pinterest-fantasy venues.


The theme had been consistent from early morning. Casual and laid back - our bride, Stefania, let her hair down, flowing as free as her bare-shoulder lace gowns. Her bouquet is filled with the most colorful petals, as bright and blinding as her smile. The sun was soon rising high, but we dare say that Stefania’s glow was completely radiating from her own inner happiness.