Jun 25, 2021   |   By Ray
Let Your Moments Arrive
Courtesy of Fendi & Marcella

Everyone knows that things haven’t exactly been the same since early 2020. No one is sure if things will ever be the same again either. But instead of wishing things return to how it was, maybe we all need a bit of perspective shift.


What if- there isn't a need to pick things up where they were last? There’s no requirement to settle our worlds into their last nooks and crannies, but rather let everything fall and fit right in their new roles.

Jun 22, 2021   |   By Ray
The Future of Us
Courtesy of Fendy & Miranda

Love is a leap of faith, simply because no one can predict tomorrows. No one knows what the future holds. Each encounter has many turns and possibilities ahead, from exciting, wonderful, but also dreadful and bittersweet.


Despite it all, it does not mean that we should allow fear to hold us back, does it? Living life from the side lines and watching it pass you by is not a life at all, isn’t it? As our couple Fendy & Miranda will tell you, love is indeed a great leap of trust and hope combined.

May 01, 2021   |   By Robb
Beauty in the Wilderness
Courtesy of Edward & Deasy

Do you consider yourself a nature lover? Whether you are a person who loves spending time outdoors – breathing in the mountain air or soaking your feet in the sand – or someone who couldn’t bear the fears and dangers posed by the outside world, we can all agree that nothing can compare the beauty of nature. No song, painting, or poem can perfectly capture the wonders of the wild.


Have you ever witnessed a sky full of stars? Have you ever sat atop a mountain, overlooking thin layers of clouds shrouding the hilltops? Or dropped whatever you were doing to capture the popsicle-colored skies as the sunset approaches? Or seen beautifully painted stripes on the back of a tiger?