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Oct 24, 2018    |   By Will
Amidst Whimsical Greeneries
courtesy of Taylor & Hannah

There was just one rule to Hannah and Taylor’s wedding : Let your hair down.


So her bridesmaids put on their one-piece dress, slipped on their bejewelled flat slippers and donned flower wreaths on their heads while wearing their hair down. The bride followed suit, with her beautiful wedding gown in layered tulle and embroidered floral fantasies. Her accessories were minimal, a pair of dangling foliage-shaped earrings and those same slip-ons as footwear. She needed very little indeed, for that happy glow and bright smiles of her triumph of that the best jewels.


For our groom, the mood was equally relaxed as they both were reunited in the ceremony venue decorated in the greenest sceneries. The entire process was effortless, refreshing and superbly intimate. The heightened elegance was bared in all its simplicity. And in all its modesty, the wedding of Hannah and Taylor was only about endearing moments and pure happiness.


It’s the kind of union that made you think twice about glitz, glam and everything that dazzles. There’s something so beautiful in the minimalistic style that they lived in that these photography results spoke so closely to our hearts. We caught some moments under the drizzle, happy faces in casual laughs, and just people enjoying the spirit of love.


Because honestly, love is more than enough. Congratulations again on your beautiful wedding guys!


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