Kris     |     Engagement     |     Sumba
Vast Horizon and Beyond
Evan & Selvy
   Robb     |     Engagement     |     Sumba
The Risk of Falling
Marcus & Le Dodo
Stepping out of comfort zones is never pleasant, but sometimes, one tiny act can lead us to a lifetime of happiness. Just remember that when you do, take your people with you.
   Robb     |     Engagement     |     Sumba
Chasing Nature
Willi & Reza
Feel the wind blows and the summer breezes soothe you over. Right here in the open landscape with our couple, enjoy the luscious beauty and striking vivid colors.
   Will     |     Engagement     |     Sumba
He's the One
Nico & Given
   Adi     |     Engagement     |     Sumba
Matawai Amahu Padda Ndjara Hamu
Kenneth & Caroline