Axioo: A Taste of Love & Adventure
Mar 26, 2024   |   By Adi
A Taste of Love & Adventure
Courtesy of Chris & Alexandra

Bali isn't just about romance; it's an island paradise where adventure, fun, and a touch of luxury collide. Chris and Alexandra's celebration at The Ungasan Clifftop Resort perfectly captured this essence.


The morning unfolded with a timeless ceremony, brimming with warmth and heartfelt emotions. Surrounded by their closest loved ones, Chris and Alexandra exchanged vows. The bride, a radiant vision in her gown, seemed to glow even brighter amidst the smiles and happy tears of her bridesmaids and family. Standing beside her, the groom, a pillar of strength and unwavering devotion, held her gaze with a steady intensity that spoke volumes about his love and unwavering support.

Axioo: PS. I Love You
Mar 19, 2024   |   By Adi
PS. I Love You
Courtesy of William & Sammy

It’s human nature to forget. We’re all hardwired to let go of past memories, making space for new ones to grow. It does not necessarily mean wiping out everything because, lucky for us, we’re also designed to retain some core memories.


For weddings like William and Sammy's, it’s certainly one for the history books. In the enchanting setting of Bali’s Ungasan Clifftop Resort, their celebration unfolded on the finest summer day. Right from the start, the stylish bride and her bridesmaids painted the day beautiful in their own way. While sharing champagne and getting ready, the groom and his mates were busy preparing, each in their unique heartfelt way.

Axioo: Let Forever Begin
Mar 12, 2024   |   By Will
Let Forever Begin
Courtesy of Eric & Gemma

In the journey of love, the question of forever is a delicate dance between certainty and doubt. Yet, for Eric and Gemma, that path became crystal clear. Opting for the exclusive ocean-view haven of Villa Kailasha, their wedding day unfolded with unwavering conviction and trust.


With an intimate ambiance in the air, the day commenced with warm preparations on different sides of the property. Later, in an open garden lined with white chairs and tall palm trees gently swaying in the backdrop, they sealed it with an official kiss. Eric and Gemma savored the moment, basking in the enchanting glow of the golden sunset over the ocean.