Axioo: Introducing Kris
Feb 08, 2022   |   By Kris
Introducing Kris

Meet Kris. A modern expressionist. A distinguished talent that has been rockin’ and rollin’ for so many years. And how proud we are to now call him a fresh addition to AXIOO Bali lead photographer row.


Regardless of the last peculiar 2 years, his works are only becoming stronger and more relevant. His personality is only becoming warmer and friendlier. As nothing stops him from sharpening his magic: turning simple moments into a timeless work of art.

Axioo: Once upon a Lembongan
Jun 11, 2021   |   By Adi
Once upon a Lembongan
Courtesy of Mikael & Amanda

Quiet water ripples, pink blue skies and fresh green foliage. These are the memories of one dreamy Lembongan wedding we had. The bride stood in her simple yet stunning dress. Her hair, ever so lightly styled with a thin veil and decorated with white blossoms. The groom looked dapper in his light grey suit, fully-pressed pants and clean loafers. Everything spelled effortless.


May 21, 2021   |   By Robb
Beauty in the Wilderness
Courtesy of Edward & Deasy

Do you consider yourself a nature lover? Whether you are a person who loves spending time outdoors – breathing in the mountain air or soaking your feet in the sand – or someone who couldn’t bear the fears and dangers posed by the outside world, we can all agree that nothing can compare the beauty of nature. No song, painting, or poem can perfectly capture the wonders of the wild.


Have you ever witnessed a sky full of stars? Have you ever sat atop a mountain, overlooking thin layers of clouds shrouding the hilltops? Or dropped whatever you were doing to capture the popsicle-colored skies as the sunset approaches? Or seen beautifully painted stripes on the back of a tiger?