May 01, 2021   |   By Robb
Beauty in the Wilderness
Courtesy of Edward & Deasy

Do you consider yourself a nature lover? Whether you are a person who loves spending time outdoors – breathing in the mountain air or soaking your feet in the sand – or someone who couldn’t bear the fears and dangers posed by the outside world, we can all agree that nothing can compare the beauty of nature. No song, painting, or poem can perfectly capture the wonders of the wild.


Have you ever witnessed a sky full of stars? Have you ever sat atop a mountain, overlooking thin layers of clouds shrouding the hilltops? Or dropped whatever you were doing to capture the popsicle-colored skies as the sunset approaches? Or seen beautifully painted stripes on the back of a tiger?

Feb 04, 2021   |   By Robb
Perfectly Imperfect
Courtesy of Joshua & Lydia

It’s easy for us to say now that fairy tales don’t exist, or that “those things only happen in movies”. But, once upon a time, most of us were firm believers in happy endings. And as the years went by, our horizons broaden – we started watching other movies or reading other stories with the opposite kind of ending – and found that life isn’t that simple. Year after year, we became our own witnesses of how the magic of fairy tales slowly faded away from our sight.


We all may have different stories of loss and disappointment. Maybe you once dreamt of the perfect relationship, but things didn’t turn out the way you planned it to. Or maybe, you once gave everything you had to someone you loved so deeply… only to have them walk away, leaving you crumbling to pieces.

Axioo: Seaside Kisses, Eternal Wishes
Nov 17, 2020   |   By Donny
Seaside Kisses, Eternal Wishes
Courtesy of Kane & Chenay

Situated in Lombok, Gili Trawangan offers the ideal island escape fit for intimate weddings, private parties and everything special. It’s a promise of sandy beaches, lovely sun kissed-skies, even lovelier crystal blue waters and more. Choosing this paradise on earth for a love union is arguably one of the decisions a couple can make.


For our stylish couple who decided on a beach front wedding, they came ready. With the incredibly romantic settings of Gili islands, their wedding was ushered in by mother nature herself. Clear day and lovely atmosphere, little girls dancing around the beach wearing airy and dreamy dresses complete with colorful flower wreaths.