27 MAY 2016 | BY Will

“Why did you finally decide to get married? Why now?” I remember asking Yun and Tian casually on the day of their wedding. “Why not???? If we wait for the time we’re in the right minds, we might not want to get married anymore!” they said, with a roaring laughter that made my entire day.


If I had to describe Yun and Tian in a sentence, that’s probably it. They’re silly and crazy and filled with slapstick humor. Every word they say seem to cause belly-aching laughter. They are a riot! They bash and tease each other endlessly, but somehow, that’s just what makes them even sweeter.


I look at Yun and Tian on their wedding day and thought that there had never been a more perfect couple who fit each other like a glove they way do. It’s hard to believe that a few years ago, they were strangers who met by chance in a studio and how one exchange of phone numbers could turn them into soul mates. When asked about Tian, Yun would always say, “I thought she was like what the kids are calling her these days ‘sweet’, but once I got to know her… OMG!” with a shocked look on his face, to which she’d reply with something equally bashing. They didn’t need lovey-dovey sweet romantic words to describe just how romantic they really are. And that makes them all the sweeter.


On the day of the wedding, it rained. But the rain seemed to have been welcomed, because it made the place cooler and felt so much more intimate.


Congratulations on your new family Yun and Tian. Here’s hoping for a new addition very soon. Thank you for letting us be a part of your big day.






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