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Jan 22, 2018    |   By Donny
When In Paris
Bob & Noviana saying yes

At first, Bob didn’t want to go to Paris. He’d been there before! Meanwhile, I really really want to go to Paris since a very long time. After discussing together, we decided on going to Paris for our pre-wedding, then to Italy and Amsterdam.


How was Paris? It’s almost winter, so the weather was chilly. Lovely.


Everywhere you look, you see beautiful spots, stylist people, and (most of the time) clothes, bags, and shoes calling you to shop them. If you love shopping, you should not miss Lafayette (to shop the newest things) and Lavallee Village (to shop old stocks). Lavallee Village was quite far, but it’s lovely to shop in a village.


The iconic places looks great too, especially Trocadero! Its pictures in Google does not do the justice. You definitely should experience strolling there in person.


Our pre-wedding photographer Donny is a nice, funny guy. He has a good, relaxed vibe. His nose was runny because it’s chilly. That’s why Bob & I laughed a lot. Anyway, we had a great time with him in Paris.


In the end, Bob tell me, “Next time, let’s go to Paris again.”






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