Axioo: Yosep Sugiarto
Mar 05, 2018    |   By Yosep
When Chaos Meets Order
courtesy of Nikita & Michael

This couple has been long known for their opposite values and how they rise above to make it work. Nikita is one of Axioo’s big family members and has graced us with her highly infectious energy since day one. She always talks with such enthusiasm and confidence that one simply can’t help but to be drawn into her.


Then there’s Michael - the man with the ultimate ‘chill’ who is at the complete opposite pole from our bubbly Nikita. Still, it’s amazing to see how she’s found her perfect balance with Michael who is one fine man with all the right qualities.


For their Same Day Edit video, we created a little something that hopefully will remind them of their roots for many years to come. We keep it light and fun with just the right element of romance that shows just how truly made for each other these two are!


To Nikita and Michael, they say that couples mirror each other as time passes. We hope that as time goes by, you’ll learn the chill of Michael as he learns your electrifying passion. And when you both do, opposite not only attracts but also interacts for one love story that lasts for a lifetime.


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