02 MAR 2016 | BY Yosep

Style has always been about finding the perfect balance and contrast and these two young guns ace 'em both. Their occasion is the expression of a new concept of ‘classic’, one that is continually creatively updated and revised with a modern touch, both in terms of proportions and details.


Markus embodies the essential virtues of being a gentleman: courtesy, elegance, and chivalry. His khaki tones and mix of timeless pieces was neat, tidy and a master class —without looking over the hill. And his crisp white shirt adds a dandy-fied touch of an essential sophistication. Unfurl a masculine and sophisticated signature; he is the distinguished mark of a man with uninhibited elegance.


A discreet and captivating persona, Verity expresses a soft and innocent femininity, charged with tenderness in a tres-chic way. She is defined by its urban edge and immediate charm, as she knows how to love, how to live. She abandons convention and reveals boundless bliss in one glamorous gesture.


Finally, the funfair evening evokes the carefree, playful ambiance of festivity. The memory of laughter and playful melodies floating through the warm night air. Splashes of vivid illumination break through the night, vibrant and explosive – enveloping the guests with youthful, wide-eyed joy.






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