Axioo: Robb Susanto
Dec 08, 2016    |   By Robb
Truly & Simply Bella
courtesy of Brad & Belle

“ I do remember the day I met Belinda, she didn’t initially catch my eyes.” Brad said. Belinda, or Bella as she is endearingly called by her closed ones, gasped with laughter. So did the rest of the room. Brad would later continue to say that soon the two were connecting on every level and it didn’t take long for him to know, she’s the one.


It’s funny when you think about how love chances upon you in life. It sneaks you up at the moment when you expect it the least, then pleasantly take you into a blissful and exhilarating journey. It doesn’t even matter if you two spiral upward and downward into the unknown, what matters is there’s the two of you. Everything simply makes sense.


Yet, love isn’t a happily ever after. It’s a mix of all the best things with doubts, compromises, and more. For everything to continue to make sense, there are hard work and tears involved. As Brad & Belle who took each other’s hand in marriage, they know that it’s a commitment of endurance, persistence, and perseverance.


So what if it’s not a love at first sight or that is not as effortless as you’d think ? Because true love is not one moment, it is every moment. It is forever.


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