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May 15, 2019    |   By Adi
The Us In Fabulous
courtesy of Julia & Howard

How did we get here? One minute we’re studying the fine art of wedding or working on our own bridal imagery, and the next minute we’re suddenly already standing in the midst of it all.


It’s fair to say that the road to get to where bridal industry is in the recent years, is not always rainbow and butterflies. We know for a fact that a majority of weddings still follow the old route, where traditions lead the way and design or aesthetics say very little about a couple’s preference or personality. But still, stylish weddings are emerging now more than ever, and it’s truly wonderful to see its growth and progress along the way.


Looking back at Julie and Howard’s wedding day, we can’t help but feel a little touched at the beauty of it all. They brought forward a wedding with very stylish flair, but more importantly, Julie and Howard lived it. Their looks were on point, the wedding styling was perfect, the venue was nothing less than breathtaking and every little details were simply spot on.


And mind you, such classy and extra fine wedding is not easy to achieve. We believe it takes a certain type of couples, those with vision, passion and perseverance to truly nail it. But like all the best things in life, the harder the effort is the better the result will be.


So here you go, please enjoy the extraordinary wedding of Julie and Howard. You’d definitely agree : they put the “us” in fabulous.


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