Axioo: Yosep Sugiarto
Apr 04, 2018    |   By Yosep
The Summer of Casual Elegance
courtesy of Jermaine & Tamara

Love is not having a plan B,


and still we stride confidently.


Love is all my senses awakened,


No words need to be spoken.


That afternoon we witnessed the union of Jermaine and Tamara in one of the most casually elegant weddings we’ve had in a while. Everything just spelled intimate, from the people who attended the ceremony to the whole set up - unpretentious, simple and yet so on point.


Our personal favorite part during the ceremony was when Jermaine’s mother made a short sweet speech about the couple. We won’t spoil you with the content as you can see it for yourself in the video. But let’s just say it’s totally heartwarming and succinctly described how Jermaine has always felt about Tamara.


We’d say that Jermaine and Tamara is simply the couple that will restore your faith in love. They have the kind of love that fits one another like smooth leather gloves do to your fingers. It’s the kind of love that reminds you of soulmate and your other half, built and tailored-made just for you. That’s the kind of love that Jermaine and Tamara shares.


For that reason, we thank this lovely couple for including us in this special day. And to remind us once again, to never lose hope and always dream for our perfect person. Jermaine and Tamara, this video is for you, cheers!


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