Axioo: Robb Susanto
Oct 30, 2017    |   By Robb
The Making of Perfection
courtesy of Ryan & Karina

What’s the secret to a good wedding video ala Axioo? Well, weather is a factor and professional gears help a lot. But right here, we have a love documentary that precisely depicts that it means to have an amazing story in motion.


Ryan and Karina’s wedding took place on a fine day in the exquisite Pandawa Cliff Estate where the tropical allure was thick in the air. As guests gathered, the two spent quality time in the company of their dearest people while getting ready for the most important day of their lives.


Then it began. Beneath the simplicity and earnestness of a moment, we saw the making of pure emotions unveiled for our rolling cameras. We witnessed the exchange of the sweetest and sincerest vows, the promise of eternal happiness that was nothing short of realistic. All the while, the atmosphere hung with a solemnity of adoration and anticipation blend into one from the audience.


And that’s not all, the evening continued with more intimate moments of celebration that were stylish, warm and every bit genuine. Between dances, pours of champagne, and great speeches, we truly lost ourselves amidst it all and absorbed every part with excitement.


At the end of it all, we’d say that the secret to a good wedding memory be it on stills or reels is the ability of your muses to totally immerse themselves in the moment, to be intoxicated in the every blissful minute of the happiest day of your live and enjoy it to your heart’s content. Karina and Ryan did just that and voila, it’s a mission accomplished to us.


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