Axioo: Andreas Permadi
Jul 04, 2019    |   By Adi
The Making of a Classic
courtesy of Brad & Kristy

In Axioo Bali, we’ve seen all kinds of wedding styles. Some come in for a millennial trendy vibe, opting certain color palettes and the most updated styling. While some just straight in with the classics, Brad and Cristy included.


Their wedding is all about delicate white color, lush greenery, light mood and minimal decor with all the tried and true details that never go out of style. We love a classic wedding simply because the timelessness values are ever so vivid, giving you warm memories and comfort that you’ll still love 15-20 years from now.


For us, what made the wedding of Brad and Kristy even more beautiful is the collection of personal moments here and there. Family trinkets, little notes, elegant diamond ring, a classy bouquet, and other aesthetic elements are scattered throughout the wedding. Dearest friends and families sharing laughter, dancing the night away, singing their joy out, raising a glass to heart-warming toast, and other endearing personal moments that make the wedding all worthwhile.


Kristin in her timeless dress and Brad with his polkadot bowtie will remain in our vision as one of the most memorable classic weddings we’ve ever documented. We sincerely hope that our work will continue to serve great purpose for the couple, something that their children and even grandchildren will cherish for many many years to come.


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