Axioo: Ray Kho
Jun 22, 2021    |   By Ray
The Future of Us
courtesy of Fendy & Miranda

Love is a leap of faith, simply because no one can predict tomorrows. No one knows what the future holds. Each encounter has many turns and possibilities ahead, from exciting, wonderful, but also dreadful and bittersweet.


Despite it all, it does not mean that we should allow fear to hold us back, does it? Living life from the side lines and watching it pass you by is not a life at all, isn’t it? As our couple Fendy & Miranda will tell you, love is indeed a great leap of trust and hope combined.


On their wedding day, we learned that this is a couple who have gone through it all. Their stories are every bit rich and intricate, full of ups and downs before being reunited in a holy matrimony. Having arrived at their special moment, we just could tell everyone was rooting for them and we did too.


So this is for all lovebirds out there, still walking their path of discovery and getting to know each other. Whatever tomorrow may have in store, the best thing in life is sometimes just holding on to each other. Forget standing in the side lines, instead give it your all. May you all reach the destination of love, while also enjoying the journey along the way - like our dear couple here did and still do.




Axioo Bali.


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