Axioo: Andreas Permadi
Aug 21, 2020    |   By Adi
The Everlasting Spirit of Bali

While the world seems to sleep behind walls, the glowing spirit of Bali stays lively. Swirling beneath the musical palm leaves. Twinkling on each waves of afternoon sea. Breathing with the salty wind that softly brushes cheeks.


The same spirit that would seal vows of love by the majestic Indian Ocean and sew hearts of families and friends into one in intimate receptions.


We, the people of Bali, do what we can to keep up with this spirit. We continue dancing with it, in a safe and healthy environment. Prioritising high standard of hygiene, making sure all of the joyful souls would be sound asleep at night knowing everything is alright and taken care of just fine.




Axioo Bali.


Planner & Organizer : Avavi Bali Wedding


Venue : Wonderland Uluwatu


Decorator : Aisle Project


Furniture Rental : Luxe Living Bali


Make up : Rosari Teresa


Hairdo : Julia Make Up & Hairdo


Wedding dress : Bisou Attire


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