Axioo: Robb Susanto
Oct 02, 2017    |   By Robb
The Big Thing is the Little Things.
courtesy of Sugi & Dorena

“In the art of marriage, the big thing is the little things”.


As those words were uttered in the speech of the priest, it struck me just how true the sentiment is. And there they were, Sugi and Dorena, solemnly and faithfully listening on. They stood on this extra breathtaking customized pavilion that’s afloat on top of the pool, arrangement of artistic white blooms adorning it for extra touch.


There’s no questioning that Dorena is a beautiful lady. And in her white gown and bride makeup, she looked simply stunning. Sugi himself is an absolutely dashing looking fella. Together, they make such ideal pair - a sight for sore eyes, there’s not an ounce of doubt about it.


Everything for Sugi and Dorena’s wedding was nothing less than grand, but as certain as day, they are just the kind of couple who knew that beneath it all, the littlest things are the reasons for their being together.


Sugi has seen the true Dorena, minus her makeup, puffy eyes and messy hair. As Dorena has also seen Sugi at his lowest or not exactly finest moments. Weaving their stories together for years, these two have experienced all the little things about each other, before making that big jump and finally tying the knot.


So I suppose after that pavilion was torn down, the hall quiet down, and party stopped, Sugi and Dorena will continue to have their own little ways, treasuring every small moments that ultimately mean the big picture of live together.


Congratulations again to this charming and beautiful pair. We’re truly glad to be a part of your wedding!


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