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Apr 10, 2019    |   By Will
Something Old, Something New.
courtesy of Giovanni & Dewi

As the traditional wedding mantra goes : Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. This describes the four objects a bride should have with her on an auspicious wedding day. Originated from the olden days, each item stands for a symbolical significance which varies from evil protection, fertility to curse repellent. Yes, dramatic we know.


But ( thankfully) these special items have taken on slightly different and more meaning today. Something old can be translated to continuity, something new stands for optimism in the future, something borrowed means happiness and something blue represents love.


For Giovanni and Dewi, their wedding reminded us somehow of this graceful idea. The couple is the combination of everything old, new, borrowed and well, in their case not blue, but red. Their love is as old as the Chinese tradition that Dewi upholds, as new as their union as one, as borrowed as their days of tomorrow, and as red as the fiery passion between the two.


Their morning ceremony soon made way for evening reception, our couple still a vision of dreamy classic wedding all the way through. In our eyes, these two definitely have all the mix of little something that means everything true. Congratulations again to these beautiful lovebirds, may your marriage be as blissful as your unforgettable wedding.


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