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Oct 19, 2017    |   By Adi
So Wrong, It's Right.
courtesy of Karina & Ryan

They say don’t find someone you can live with, but find someone you can’t live without. We say that there’s more truth than just mere word play in the clever statement.


Many people consider that getting married is an act of settling down. They picture quiet days ahead where two individuals get along fine as they journey onwards with their daily ins and outs. Supposedly, that’s true - afterall, you only want to spend the rest of your live with someone you can find an infinite happy life with, and soothing days are more than just a welcome change after bouts of dating games.


Still, passion is a fiery force that can’t be easily tamed down. A marriage is only as blissful as it is passionate when two people can’t get enough of each other. We’d like to think that a relationship only really works when there’s a sense of dependency, urgency, and maybe a bit of addiction between the two.


Karina’s little love note is just the perfect example of that kind of crazy passionate loving. Our bride was not shy in letting Ryan knew that “ No, I simply cannot function without you”. We simply adored how the two moved in such harmony that only must have been possible through years of making a habit out of each other.


The celebrated romance happened in the most beautifully decorated venue too. Friends and family gathered for this one important day of this amazing couple and we couldn’t have been happier with the display of emotions from morning till the last minute of the party. We congratulate the happy couple again for finding the perfect fix for your little love addiction.


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