Axioo: Robb Susanto
Oct 19, 2018    |   By Robb
Sincerely & Lusciously Yours
courtesy of Alisha & Julian
love should not play by the rules. it's all about chemistry

Our next couple, Alisha and Julian, is probably the perfect definition of #couplegoals. Well, in our cinematographic world, they’d be the best muses one creative director could ever ask for.


Right from the start, the fiery romance and sexy chemistry was on. There was nothing holding these two good-looking peeps back from the making of a keepsake that’s entirely enjoyable for many, not just the two of them.


While it’s true that a wedding is a private affair, we think it’s highly important to show the world, our audience at least, that this is the bar we set for ourselves. This is the level of cinematic creation that you can expect, enjoy and treasure for a lifetime, when you’re working with Axioo Bali.


Because pictures may tell a thousand words, but they’re limited for your visual pleasure. Because documentaries perhaps hold not as much aesthetic flair. But a short clip, it encompasses everything, your sense of sight and hearing. It jogs your memory without fail anytime. It takes you down memory lane and warms your heart.


This is important, so that when Alisha and Julian are perhaps old and grey, they’d watch this one and think “ We’ve had one hell of a wedding”


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