Axioo: Robb Susanto
Apr 04, 2016    |   By Robb

With a dedication to documentary excellence, luminous photography and powerful storytelling, Robb Susanto is the preferred choice for Axioo Bali’s most influential and important audience.


Through his storytelling approach and high aesthetic standards, Robb delivers content with credentials, which yields unwavering consumer trust.


“I try to document the moments that, while intense, contain nothing momentous. They're the events most likely to fade, and their details are precious. I focus and think more and more on them. It’s actually an integral part of my work.”


One thing has become quite clear: Robb cherish and appreciate beauty. “The more things change the more I am the same. I relish the smallest activity - going out for a coffee, going for a walk. Natural beauty is also something that feeds the soul... I seem to be more moved by surroundings than objects.”




Axioo Bali.


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