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Jun 04, 2016    |   By Adi
Rustic Chic & Seaside Romance
courtesy of Stephen & Cindy
"All the what-ifs are all very exciting."

In the olden days, courageous people are those who voiced their opinions and stood up against the system. Socrates, is a popular example. As well as Galileo Galilei, Nelson Mandela, and Jesus Christ.


In the recent times, as thinkers are now protected by the anonymity of internet, and the system has become very organic, courageous people come in a shape of those who are willing to step out of their own comfort zone. In science there is Justin Schmidt. In sport we have Natalia Partyka. In our home we have our parents persistently saying ‘no’ no matter how terrible the tantrums we've thrown.


In my professional world, I found courage in clients who insisted on outdoor weddings during rainy season. Or those who decided to ride very old car, powered by very old pistons, as their D-day vehicle. But the most courageous couple I’ve ever met is Stephen and Cindy. They requested me to shoot their wedding entirely in film. There weren't any back up photography vendors hired. There weren't any video vendors either.


I did realise the enormity of trust put on my shoulders, which is why I regarded this challenge as a mission from George Eastman. The world has gotten to believe that shutter burst would lead us to quality photos but I just don’t think it is.


Plus, complicated buttons are just annoying. Grains are good.


I proceeded the day with a fat bag of film rolls. But what if these rolls were not in their optimum condition? We wouldn't find out about it until we see eery shadows all over the photos a month later, would we? What if the exposures were not properly metered, causing all those fancy details on the dinner tables to look like plastics bought from a dollar store? What if the only acceptable family photo was the one with the bride looking like she was about to pop an invisible bubble with her lips? All the what-ifs are all very exciting.


If I fail this challenge, I can only apologise and examine my failure. But if I nail it, then I deserve the right to recite a quote from Socrates’ pupil, Plato, “Courage is knowing what not to fear.”


Three cheers for your beautiful wedding, Stephen and Cindy. Four cheers for your courage, and five cheers for your happy marriage.




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