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Nov 09, 2018    |   By Will
Refined Oriental Elegance
courtesy of Meilissa & Venche

Wedding is always a tribute for love, but also tradition. The union of two people dates back as old as time and it would be hard to not include at least a small nuance of our roots in a wedding. Amazing as all our modern brides are, it’s always refreshing to see clients who incorporate some of this classic touch to honor tradition.


Case in point is our lovely couple, Meilissa and Venche. As our bride was clothed in a beautiful cheongsam for her morning photoshoot, we can’t help but adore her bridal ensemble. The bold red of her dress was heightened by embroideries of dainty little floral petals and a pair of bird creatures in white- perhaps a symbol of lovebirds defining the two. Everything was on-point, as was her simple headpiece of bejewelled pin with hanging red crystal. We’re in love, obviously.


But other than her chosen attire, Meilissa and Venche were also inspiring in their own possible ways. She glowed with that look of happiness, while Venche simply couldn’t contain his apparent happiness. He smiled from ear to ear, from day till night - understandably so!


Elegance was at its finest as our couple continued to waltz into an intimate evening of love celebration. Everything was delicate, precise and soothing. The way the whole event unfolded was perfect with nothing super flashy or over the top. Yet it was definitely a night of grace and sophistication. For the absolutely divine affair in your wedding, we congratulate this couple again. May your marriage be filled with everything you both aspire it to be.


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