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Apr 23, 2019    |   By Adi
Prosper In Love
courtesy of Peggy & Terry
Question of the day : Where would we be without traditions?

So often, we are immersed in celebrating holidays, following rituals, or going with the flows without remembering the true meaning of them all. While in fact, traditions represent a critical piece of our culture. They’re a reminder of how we are a part of a rich history that defines our past, shapes our present and sets the future at the same time.


Traditions are about the making of who one individual is, and by ignoring it, we’re in danger of erasing our identity. Not to mention, traditions give us comfort, enables us to say thank you, and serves as an avenue for creating lasting memories.


As wedding photographers, we’re witnesses to so many different amazing traditions happening all around. Each one humbles and lifts us, giving us a lesson to never let go of our true roots.


Which is why we’re so thankful to have eternalized the traditional morning ceremony for Terry and Peggy. This couple went all out in honoring their selves, and not just through a show of costumes or skin deep. We love how each phases represented something unique and true to themselves and people around them. It was simply a treat to be in this extra joyous occasion.


Being in the midst of all these traditions from our couples, we have learned first hand the importance of traditions. So much that it’s become our own very Axioo tradition, and that is to celebrate whatever your traditions wholeheartedly, give full respect and let you live them all over again through precious photographic memories.


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