Axioo: William Lie
Feb 04, 2019    |   By Will
Pristine Perfection
courtesy of Jay & Kristine

From barely-there makeup to elegantly brushed, there’s something about a Bali bride that makes even the strongest of hearts flutter. It’s that radiant aura, that everglow.


Each bride is a sight for sore eyes, but particularly so in our case one fine day with our beautiful couple, Jay and Ilya, or more lovingly called as Batin. There’s an air of sophistication about her that contrasts with her big wonderful smile. She wore her hair bun low, but her train long as she swept each and everyone off their feet with each step that she took.


In day time, she beamed a look of dreaminess, must be the graceful effect created by her enchanting veils. Her giant bow added to the overall dreamy deliciousness as her gown bounced and floated along. But again, don’t mistake her delicate for lack of energy. In fact, our bride was a ball of fun as she posed and shared the joyous day with Jay. An equally charming suitor with a chiselled chin and gallant way about him.


When the night tuned in, there’s still a layer of softness that coated her. Still in low bun and all, we dared say that the dark suited her glow even better. With Jay on her side, flowing music and love all around, the evening was as blur as it was vivid. And we’re reminded once again, how much we love a bride in Bali, and everything that comes along with her.


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