Axioo: Donny Wu
Nov 13, 2018    |   By Donny
Oceanfront Promise
courtesy of Troy & Sara

Look up the definition of perfection in dictionary, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the word “ beach” is included in it. As the beach people living and breathing in the paradisiacal island of Bali, it is hard to imagine our days without the presence of ocean somewhere nearby where we stand. Vitamin Sea is simply one of our most important daily essentials here!


All of our clients love beach as much as we do too. It’s no surprise to see people coming from all over the world, both our local and international friends, just to have the wedding of their dream right here in Bali. Afterall, the island of God offers a truly complete package : marvellous hotels and resorts, stunning sceneries, distinct culture, genuinely friendly people and more. You name it, Bali has it.


For their reasons, Troy and Sara picked Bali as their wedding destination and Axioo Bali as the lucky one to document their wedding. They too are the sea people like us. We didn’t get to ask much ( though we were dying to), but there were display of some intense bromance in Haka ritual dance, bestowing or Kukui Lei necklace to our groom, dramatic Balinese dance and performance. It was everything that reminded us as a call back to the sea that highlighted its magical mysteries.


We felt right at home during the entire wedding of Troy and Sara. Such a beautiful sight that we got to witness from day to night : family love, friendship, and everything in between. Maybe because we’re sea people, maybe it’s Bali, or maybe it’s just these two - sweet and loving as they can be to one another. Congratulations again to Troy and Sara for your amazing wedding, we’re so happy to have been a part of it.


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