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May 15, 2017    |   By Robb
Modern Princess Fairytale
courtesy of David & Vanya

The wedding vow is easily everyone’s favorite part of the wedding. The moment leading up to the vow itself is almost cinematic and remains eternally endearing, albeit one that is often rehearsed one too many times.


It starts from the gathering of the guests, followed by the nervous groom waiting at the end of the aisle, to the next breathtaking moment when the bride walks in. Graceful and steady, a bouquet in one hand and the father on another. It’s almost as if the world stands still in that exact time and place, enveloping the most sacred ritual at the center of a wedding.


In the case of David and Vanya, we can say that the prelude to their wedding vow was every bit poetic as it was magical. Vanya walked in herself, after a parade of both sets of parents before the groom himself. And there she was in her confidence and all humility, walking towards her ever after.


There was almost an immediate silence with an anticipation hung over the room. Then David uttered the first word, followed by a string of others in all his earnestness. Vanya followed suit, calm but with pauses of emotion here and there. Similarly, the emotion in the room itself was higher than ever, broken only by the laughter over the clumsy kiss planted by David on his bride’s forehead.


David & Vanya’s vow was simple, if anything standard. But there was something honest and genuine in the speech of each word, that you can’t help but to be immersed into all its meaningful promise. It reminded everyone again that sometimes you don’t need fancy words, because when it’s your true heart you’re offering - it’s more than enough.


Congratulations again David & Vanya on your sweet wedding!


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