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Jan 14, 2020    |   By Donny
Meaningful Moments
courtesy of Brian & Jessica

From the wedding of Brian and Jessica, came a celebration of love in all its finest details. We knew they were special from the start as they gracefully showed us how they’d like to remember that day, in their own extraordinary, delicate and purposeful ways.


For Jessica, her idea of beauty is shown through her carefully selected fine wedding gown. It’s an essentially simple white gown but dreamily beautiful in all the right places. She continued to keep things simple but significant with a lovely pink Mandarin dress and minimal makeup. As for Brian, it’s a display of brotherhood in forms of friendship and fun all rolled into one.


Brian and Jessica prefered to keep their event effortlessly elegant. The details were naturally-inspired with a soft color palette that made it sophisticated and warm. You can always find small beautiful touches and sincere accents, all done flawlessly without an ounce of pretense.


We love how everything came together brilliantly in such an uncomplicated manner. Everything was solely dedicated to being in the moment, making each passing second that much eventful and memorable. More importantly, despite the simplicity, Brian and Jessica managed to find the best meanings of each moment and make it theirs. And we think that’s really what made this a special one for us.


Shot under Bali morning and evening skies, we hope that this collection of memories may serve our couple as a reminder of how perfect their wedding day was. In addition to their unwavering love, it’s definitely the things that are worth cherishing and treasured for many years to come.


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