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Jan 22, 2020    |   By Adi
Making Magical Moments
courtesy of Brooke & Sam

Most couples go into their wedding day with a lot of photography concerns in mind. Will the pictures turn out more than alright? Will they be absolutely magical? Can the team capture all our best moments?


These concerns are not without grounds. The preparations are long but the day goes by quickly. So many emotions are happening all at once. A lot of important things, from small details to major events, unfold without a pause nor do-overs. Naturally, all couples want their moments to be perfect and nothing less.


If we have to share the secrets to making your moments magical, it all points back to you as the couple. The making of the best wedding photography is more about your extraordinary story, while your photographers act as the instrument that translates the moments into lasting memories.


Without a doubt, we will do our absolute best in capturing everything that transpires. But what matters most in making your perfect moments is YOU. We’ve seen the most wonderful photographic results come from couples who solely dedicate themselves in the moment. They are the people who are utterly in love with each other, totally immersed themselves in the experience, and completely surrender to the emotions that overwhelm them.


So if we really have to share the best tips, we’d say this : Let yourself be in awe of one another. Lose yourself into the wonder of it all. Live the moments to the very last details. Forget all nervousness, relax your mind, and let the magic of love effortlessly lead the way. Also, kiss passionately, dance as if no one is watching, and simply be unapologetically YOU.


And when you do, we’ll be right there by you - capturing all magical moments that entirely belongs to you. For your inspiration, allow us to take you on the journey of Broke and Sam who managed to create their own magic, right in front of everyone’s eyes.


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