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Oct 26, 2016    |   By Donny
Love, City Life.
Edward & Levina saying yes

I love taking pictures of couples in love with a nice Bali atmosphere in the background. The island is full of great photo-op places and beautiful little corners. I don’t think that I’ll ever tire of it (or at least, I hope I never do.) However, I do love the chance to experience taking pictures with different backgrounds too. And so, I almost screamed in excitement when I learned that I’ll be doing the prewedding session of Edward and Levina in Singapore.


This country has left a big impression on me. Not only do they offer world-class tourist attractions that will keep anyone who visits it busy during their stay, it is also a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities that bond by an obsession of food - from street hawker to Michelin-star restaurant. In other words, you will never leave this city hungry. This vibrant little red dot in Asia bowls everyone over, me especially, by their amazing hospitality, their cleanliness and orderliness. From the cozy, laid back vibes of Bali to the vibrant and dynamic city life in Singapore, I found the change much refreshing.


I went with Edward and Levina to the iconic Gardens by the Bay. Actually, according to the schedule, we were supposed to be taking pictures there at 7pm. But on the way there, we saw just how beautiful the view was overlooking the Marina Bay Sands, we just had to stop and take some pictures there. Then we rushed to the Gardens, hoping that they weren’t closed yet. We got there at about 20.55 and an Uncle there told us that a light show was about to start. I call that a brush of pure luck because how else could we end up with such beautiful shots with the dancing lights in the background?


This is the second time I met Edward and Levina. I first met them when they got me as their Sweet Escape photographer in my favorite place in the world, Bali. Then I met them again in Singapore. Soon I will be meeting them again on their wedding day. I’m so grateful that we get to have this kind of “practice run” before the actual wedding day. So, thank you, Edward and Levina. Thank you for choosing me and for trusting in my work. See you on your big day!






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