Axioo: Ray Kho
Jun 25, 2021    |   By Ray
Let Your Moments Arrive
courtesy of Fendi & Marcella

Everyone knows that things haven’t exactly been the same since early 2020. No one is sure if things will ever be the same again either. But instead of wishing things return to how it was, maybe we all need a bit of perspective shift.


What if- there isn't a need to pick things up where they were last? There’s no requirement to settle our worlds into their last nooks and crannies, but rather let everything fall and fit right in their new roles.


It’s true when they say change is always a good thing - even when it may not seem like it. It may not seem right, easy or comfortable, but that’s how things grow and take shape in this world. So rather than fighting it, we just want to encourage everyone to let things flow.


Inspired by our couple Fendi & Marcella, here’s a tribute to everything that feels familiar yet so new somehow. They show us that all things good always arrive on time, never too late and not a minute too early. So tread lightly, think gently and act peacefully in this road called life, enjoy it.




Axioo Bali .


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