16 NOV 2016 | BY Donny

In the course of Axioo’s career, we’ve seen weddings of all scales - from epically proportioned to intimately tiny. When it comes to weddings, we can safely say that the size doesn’t matter, because we simply love it all.


It’s important not to be fixated on the tangible things that are taking place in the wedding. True, they make for the elements that complete the wedding. But the idea of the union of 2 souls is the essence that makes a wedding grand, regardless of the size of your buffet, guests, or that towering bridal cake.


This rang true for the wedding of Jerry & Sue, it’s attended only by a handful of guests- the family and close friends of the couple. From day to night, it’s a constant joyous occasion that was not extremely loud, but filled with warm embraces, cheers, and laughters. There were no extravagant displays of fireworks or flashy moves, just a cheek-to-cheek dance, family selfies, and children running freely amidst the balmy night of twinkling evening.


Looking back at the pictures, we can’t help but appreciate the warmth of their precious wedding day. Eventually, this is what you want in your wedding album : a flood of memory with happiness & joy, so apparent that you could almost touch it, taste it, and relive it- anytime you want.


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