Axioo: Robb Susanto
Mar 20, 2017    |   By Robb
Intimate Whimsical Wedding
courtesy of Emily & Eddie

A wedding is an exhausting process, physically and emotionally so. The months building up to your big day can be excruciatingly tiring, turning even the most resilient brides-to-be into troubled planners. Then there’s the emotional parts too that are not far from worries, doubts, and other negative feelings.


So why do we go through it? Simple. Because nothing worth having comes easy. There’s a reason why relationship is often said to be similar to riding a rollercoaster, it’s filled with ups and downs. The discouragements during your sad moments can be disheartening, but love can lift you up in the instant and make you whole over and over again.


For Emily & Eddie, it’s an intense wedding indeed. There’s hardly a pair of dry eyes in the house. Simply said, they both are emotional individuals who are surrounded by the love of their families and friends in the joyous occasion. Looking at them, we’re reminded of the saying : “the most emotional people are the strongest”. And we can’t think of two tougher people who are as ready as they are strong to start the journey of all the ups and downs that life has to offer.


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