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Jun 22, 2018    |   By Adi
Intimate Summer Song
courtesy of Rika & Alexis
Each frame plays a song that belongs entirely to them...

The melodious chirps of the morning birds were still clear in our mind, as heartwarming as the smile that Rika the bride wore all morning. As she prepared herself for the most important day of her life, she was surrounded in the love of her bridesmaids and parents. Right at Villa Hanani of Jimbaran, the mood was relaxed yet uplifting for our bride. On the other end, Alexis too was having his share of bright morning, full of anticipation and bursting with happiness through every seam.


That blissful day, we saw yet another union of two souls in one warm and intimate affair. As the chimes of traditional gamelan serenaded us, the summer wind and crashing waves joined in for a sweet lullaby. Each step that Rika took on the green carpet of grass thudded gently, all the way till she was joined with Alexis for their ceremony.


Witnessed by only a handful of guests, soft happy sobs, more joyful laughter and applause were heard - making it an eventful one for everyone involved. As day parted way with the sun and stars started to appear, so did the evening party filled with musical ensemble, eager party people and of course, the happy couple.


As the music flowed along the clicking of champagne glasses, our cameras took in all the stills from a joyous evening of Rika and Alexis. Each picture may be silent and devoid of any sound, but underneath each capture of camera, it plays a song that belongs entirely to the them. And it was a sweet summer song of love, once upon a time of a warm and unforgettable moment in Bali.




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