20 MAY 2016

I adore simple, plain, and beautiful photos. The kind of which you can feel the couple's chemistry captured by the photographer and nothing else. But I also love making a photo session unique and special. There are endless ways to achieve it, and by endless ways, I mean endless props ideas. This time, we are going to talk about my all-time favourite props: cars.


Cars are big. They fill the frame nicely. Just right, without being too much. They can be pretty, they can be tough. The older the car, the better. I'm not talking about over the top my-daddy-is-rich-he-bought-me-this-car ones, nope. I have a huge crush for rustic, sexy classics. Convertible, van, or muscles, anything as long as they are as old as your grandpa. The kind which is old, but not obsolete.


What I would do is to adorn it with flowers, baskets, or just put a dangling ivy and buntings for romantic, wedding day effect. For more sweet-escape effect, tie some (or lots!) of vintage suitcases and boxes on the rooftop, and don't forget the map. Or I can just leave it be. Pretty.






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