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Jan 30, 2019    |   By Donny
In The Mood For Details
courtesy of Danny & Careen

I remember once asking a friend who had just been hitched. The first obligatory question after anyone’s wedding day is of course “ How do you feel?” or “ How was it?”. He stared at me before gaining an answer for a while, “ Great!”.


Well, of course any wedding celebration is great. It is afterall a day full of rolling happy moments and big joy. So full and so big that we as the persons in the center of it all, may just miss the little moments, the tiny details, the minor stuff. This is normal when one is overwhelmed by big emotions, big gestures and big moments. This is normal for the couple in the spotlight.


See, that’s where wedding photographers step in. It is our jobs to capture this fine delicate moments, which may have been overlooked. That sweeping breeze that set ripples in the atmosphere, which you were too nervous to notice. Or that look of admiration for your other half that you didn’t know is within you. You know, all those little details that were tucked beneath the hands of time, it’s our job to capture so you can relive it again one too many time.


For Danny and Careen, their big day was nothing less than beautiful. Simple, chic and just breathtaking, this couple set things in motion one lovely day in Bali. It is just the kind of perfect wedding where you will find stories in the smallest details and turn it as you please into rich meaningful tales. We were busy freezing their moments, big and small, here and there, so that this couple, and YOU, can maybe relive it one more time.


Let’s turn back time and look in the details, we promise, the stories are all there.


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