Axioo: Yosep Sugiarto
Sep 26, 2016    |   By Yosep
In-Depth Cultural Romance
courtesy of Mohit & Shirin

It has been one month since my fairytale wedding, one month since I married the man of my dreams and one month since my wedding trailer was released. All I can say is that, it was more than what my husband and I ever imagined. Yosep captured our wedding beautifully and really understood the culture behind an Indian marriage.


When I recalled my first conversation with Yosep, it was more than what I expected. I thought our Skype conversation would last only 15 minutes, but it ended up being 2 hours. Not only did Yosep listened to our whole love story, he also was excited to create a video worth remembering. From the music in the video, to the little details (walkie talkie), Yosep was for them.


A good video not only needs good scenes to capture, but also a director that can work well with his clients. Which Yosep succeeded in his video. He understood the vision both my husband and I had, and captured our wedding beautifully. We wanted a video that we could look back in a few years time and still felt that warm, fuzzy, excitement we had during our four day wedding.


We have shown our video to hundreds of people from around the world, and to have them cry alongside my mother, dance alongside the guests, and laugh alongside my brother, is something very special.


Thank you Yosep and team Axioo for capturing our fairytale wedding and making it beautiful beyond words.






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