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Apr 26, 2017    |   By Will
Going On With The Wedding Plan
Levirio & Venny saying yes

One of the best things about wedding is creating memories with family. We wish every member of our family, especially our mom and dad, to witness our vow and enjoy our celebration. Unfortunately, while preparing for the wedding, just a short while before the photoshoot, Venny’s dad passed away. I was deeply saddened. I was also confused: their wedding were only a few months away, how can they prepare?


Months later, on my second trip to Netherlands, I met Venny and Levirio. I was surprised! The photoshoot was very emotional. A couple times, Venny told me stories about her dad. Tears brimmed in her eyes. I could see how much she loves her dad. I put the camera aside, and tried to cheer her up as best as I could.


From her stories, Venny taught me about being grateful for all the family members we had. She reminded me to spend more time with family and to cherish every moment. The love of the family is the one that matters the most.


Levirio, Venny, you both did a great job. I learned a lot about family from you, and I am amazed at your strength to go on with your plans. I am sure that your dad is happy to see you from up there. Anyway, congratulations for your wedding! I wish you a wonderful journey ahead. May your family be blessed. May you live happily ever after.






P.S. This trip was very memorable. Once again, Netherlands left a deep mark in my heart. I'm looking forward to go back there to capture more love stories.


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