Axioo: Donny Wu
Apr 13, 2017    |   By Donny
From Fairytale, To Reality
courtesy of Edward & Levina

Edward and Levina met in Korea, precisely at a kitchen dorm. Edward was visiting Melyn, his childhood friend who is apparently their mutual friend. Edward and Levina didn’t actually talk. She didn’t even pay attention. But, there’s something about Levina that makes Edward think, “interesting.”


“Ain’t gonna happen, dude,” Melyn laughed, “She’s got a high standard. You will never get her.”


But still, a couple months later, he Facebook messaged her. 3 years later, he finally asked her out. She said yes. “Edward reminds me of dark chocolate. Bitter at first. Sweet at last,” said Levina, “he teaches me to accept things first, observing how it goes.”


As time goes by, they grew closer. Their love flourished. Then, they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Melyn, their maid of honor, was very honored to witness her friends’ love story, “I never saw him smiling this bright since elementary school.”


Hearing Edward and Levina’s love story reminds me to not give up on the people I love. Not only worth it, it will be beautiful.


Once again, congratulations for your wedding, Edward and Levina. It’s an honor to capture your love story.






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