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Mar 16, 2016    |   By Adi
From Casual to Sultry
courtesy of Ken & Denice
"...they know exactly the keyword to good photos: trust."

As we all know it, professional background is a ramificator. It is the ultimate perspective shifter.


That’s the reason a doctor leaves his stethoscope on his office table, the reason Joshua Bell played incognito at a subway, the reason Mr. Kent is a reporter, and the reason a high schooler claimed to be an Anaesthesiologists captain deep in 9gag comment section.


My mother was once a chef. Knowing how skilful of a chef she was, it’s a bit tricky for me to impress her with food. I’ve been taking her to quality restaurants that I am sure are serving properly tasty food. Only in rare occasions I'd take her to my everyday restaurant. The bar has to be raised to correspond her culinary wisdom.


Last week, I spent 14 hours hopping from a plane, into a car, into a boat, and then another 20 minutes dragging my suitcases on rocky pathways, to reach the paradise of Andaman sea, Krabi. I was hired to shoot Ken’s and Denice's wedding and several hours before the photo session started, I learned that Denice is actually an extremely talented photographer. In that instance, this job felt a bit like feeding my mother.


There was this imaginary pressure rushed in about them judging the techniques I’d use. Or if they would preview my pictures that day and think, “We should've brought our selfie stick.” Or worse, if they would constantly direct me until I meet their expectation.


But there are 2 reasons why my confidence doesn’t have to be destroyed just because I found out what my clients do for living. The first reason, is because I know my price tag sits somewhere in the middle, among the array of our pricelist. Therefore it’s safe to be a little smug and believe that most of my clients appointed me because they fancy my artistic style, instead of merely my quotes.


The second reason, is because professional background is actually a clue, rather than a game changer. I know some photographers decide to be blinded from their client’s background so their artwork would focus only on the romance, and not be distracted by intimidation and stereotypes.


To me, learning my clients' profession provides me a deeper understanding about why they behave a certain way, therefore enticing a livelier conversation. It doesn't effect any bar of professionalism. It doesn’t define the quality of my delivery.


Other than on the available lighting, my artistic delivery would differ depending on the chemistry I could translate from every couple. However, creating a comfortable atmosphere for lovers to communicate their love language in front of a stranger with a camera would be an entirely different discussion.


Ken and Denice are absolutely a gorgeous couple. Their wedding was especially lovely. What I love most from shooting photographers, is that they know exactly the keyword to good photos: trust. All they did was enjoying their beautiful wedding, and all I did was enjoying my job.






P.S. Riddle of the day! Many of the photos below were shot in film. Free surprises for those who can guess them all precisely! wink*


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