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Apr 09, 2018    |   By Yosep
Friendship That Lasts Forever
courtesy of Nicholas & Jocelyn

This ‘Same Day Edit’ reel is told from the perspectives of Nicholas’s groomsmen - 4 young men who probably know the groom more than he knows himself at times.


It’s always a nice change of scene to see what our friends speak of us. Putting these fellas in front of camera for a word or two had been fun, because they got all serious and shared what they really thought of their good friend Nicholas. Although we’re sure that if there camera was off, they’d be joking all day long about Nicholas and more!


We also got an adorable glimpse of how these bros thought of Jocelyn. It’s just totally heartwarming to see how these bros spoke of the couple with such glee and happiness. It’s true that when you have found the right person, your besties would more than just support you. They’d be cheering every step for you too.


The bride also made a quick appearance in this video and gave us an even deeper understanding of their relationship. All in all, this little clip has been giving us all the feels of what it’s like to have a true bromance. So click away for the next level of friendship one person would be lucky to have.


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