Axioo: Yosep Sugiarto
Oct 16, 2017    |   By Yosep
Free-Spirited Modern Romance
courtesy of Patrick & Ling

There is all kinds of relationship, but Ling and Patrick’s one is a modern love story that is witty, quirky and meaningful. They both hail from Singapore with that signature youthful vibe and energy which is as infectious as it is endearing. With their entourage of friends and equally happening families, we had known, it’s going to be a wild one.


From all we can tell, Ling is your typical strong-headed and tough-willed lady but with a fiercely loyal and soft heart. When she met Patrick through a mutual friend, it’d take them years before going official. We like how Ling put her foot down and asked Patrick to date her exclusively, to which he quickly said yes, because let’s be honest - they’re each other’s kindred spirits after all.


The wedding ceremony was quiet and sweet with a silly yet genuinely heart-melting vows exchange. But the celebration went down like nobody’s business as both bride and groom partied the night away with coordinated dances, costumes, and showers of dollar bills. At the end of the night, they sealed a memory of being real, young, and most importantly, being in love.


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