Apr 25, 2016
Flying Frogs

Frogs for in Bali, as in many other cultures, are auspicious creatures, bringing rain, fertility, and good fortune. As lucky amulets, frogs has become a creature much beloved in art and craft. Frog masks, statues, and wooden ornaments, are often sold at Balinese shops and markets.


The theme of transformation is also featured prominently, as frogs start their life in the water as tadpoles and change to a species which can live on either land or water.


Furthermore, in Bali folklore, frogs acknowledge the next stage of the metamorphosis, as they turn into the flying frogs. Flying frogs are special frogs which connect the 3 elements of life: water, earth and air. It represents transformation on a spiritual level.


Flying frog gains prominence as protector and the hand-crafted wood ornament of it is hung over baby cribs, as babies are transforming from spirit into physical body. It's also hung over the doorways of menopausal women as they progress from the caregiver years (physical) to the liberating life stage of the wise woman (spiritual).


Therefore, when you stumble across a flying frog, associate it with protection, transformation, and good luck.


May peace always be bestowed upon us,


Axioo Bali.


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