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Oct 11, 2017    |   By Donny
Evolve Your Relationship
Ryan & Marcellina saying yes
The game made them so close.

Raise your hand if you or your fiance plays some games!


Ryan and Marcellina do. They play Dota, an online game you can’t pause.


The minute you press play, it’s impossible to log out, knowing a group of people dedicates their 40-60 minutes just to play with you. Logging out when the game’s still on is equal to leaving your friends in a warzone. That’s why you really have to leave the outside world and give your time to the game.


I have a running joke with my friends. If someone’s in a new relationship, expect him/her to disappear from the Dota world. Not everyone, even the most patience girlfriend/boyfriend, can understand the intensity of the game.


So, when I heard both Ryan and Marcellina play Dota, I said, “they are lucky!” It must be fun to play, strategize, and collect things with each other! Dota is their thing. I think, the game somehow make them understand how each other think during hard times and good times. The game made them so close (I could see from the way they interact with each other on the photoshoot).


I’m not saying you and your boyfriend/girlfriend should play Dota too. I’m thinking it would be awesome if you find the thing both you and your boyfriend/girlfriend love, the thing you both can’t wait to spend so many hours doing. Find your quirk together and watch your relationship evolve to the next level.


Ryan and Marcellina, thank you for trusting me to shoot your fun moments. Also, thank you for the good times!






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