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Jan 14, 2019    |   By Adi
Eternal Summer Vibes
courtesy of Michael & Jacquy

Ah Summer! Is there anything more carefree, assuring and effervescent that the season of hot loving? We truly doubt it.


Summertime is really the best kind of mood there is. The sun with its golden beam and everglow, ready to let you bask in radiant glow thick with glee. Everything of all colors never fails to come alive, throbbing with the anticipation of fun and adventure- all wrapped into one. The blue of the sky is soothing and the vivid blue sea is as vibrant as can be.


Blessed with a year-round great weather, Bali is the promise of eternal summer that one could ever dream of. Here, summer is more than just a season; It is a state of mind. It’s that first feeling that greets you in the morning, the constant holiday mood that knows no expire date. It’s the sunset in the canvas of crimson orange skies, your body may be weary but never your mind.


For Caedon and Jacquy, their wedding gallery is the reminder of the most blissful eternal summer in Bali. Their ceremony was as sweet and as effortless as the sea breeze, entertaining the guests with a sense of delight. The beach was more than inviting as they took a walk while stealing hugs and kisses. And how it ended on a sweet gentle evening where both intimacy and riotous party simply sums up what a perfect Bali wedding should be.


And as the night closed with a loud bang and the shower of fireworks in the dark sky, thus we sealed off an unforgettable moment for this beautiful couple we’re glad to call ours. Come rain or shine, know that you both will always have this eternal Bali summer in your mind.


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