28 OCT 2016 | BY Adi

I, Illy, For everyone who knows me, they all know I am a hardcore monochromatic minimalist enthusiast, I have always been about the color black, accassional grey and white. I am a very visual person, minimal space and black colour gets me going.


Memories are all that matters.

Eric and I, like a teenage love story conveyed through facebook status - we're complicated. We were 13 and in love, 17 travelled together, 22 made a secret pact to marry one another if we're both single by the age of 30. Too proud to admit what has been going on the whole time but everyone around us seemed to know already except us. Which explained why some of our friends described us as the worst kept secret. All those years our path kept crossing as if by destiny's lure. Life tries multiple times to bring us together, chances were created but we never believed we should, could and would. Until one day he decided to beat his fear and jumped off the plane for her. Next thing she knows, she was the one who jump on a plane and moving her life to Sydney. Funny how that works out. So after all that and 5 years later, from the worst tears to the best laugh, we made it!


Initially I was very skeptical about weddings. I have never been into wedding, wearing big gowns, floral decor and just standing up at the stage looking pretty. Elaborate decoration, romantic pre-wedding destination does not interest me one bit. Other likes flowers and fairytale, I like rocks/stones, and I only like black clothing. Never thought any of these was worth the hassle. When Eric proposed exactly one year ago in Santorini, we came up with two option, I would prefer taking a long holiday, elope somewhere nice just the two of us. But Eric convinced me otherwise, to him life is about making memories, after all the pretty decor, dress and venue all fade away, memories remain. Memories are all that matters. People we meet, places we go, pictures we take. Every feelings, every talks, every joke shared, every moments, every smile, tear, and laughter. As much as we would like to pretend the world is just the two of us, it would be mean alot more to share our union surrounded by all who are closest to our hearts, people whom we had the pleasure to come across at different stages of ourlives and had the best fun with. Hoping that this can bring us closer and give us all an awesome memory that will stay for years to come. And that was the reason why we decided to have a wedding.


So months of planning we brought everyone together, from everywhere to Bali, and you know what, it was all worth it. All the stress, all of the expenses, all of the prior worries, all disappear on the day because we finally realise how lucky we are to deserve all the great love from everyone that were genuinely happy for us. Small intimate ceremony is the way to go, awesome speeches that touch ur soul, happy tears flows like river, hugs, kisses, and kind words were exchanged. For what we thought a day that is going to be just another day, it became the happiest bestest day of our life.


Knowing how much I love black clothing, everyone was asking if my wedding gown would be black. Unfortunately no, from day one Eric knows what he wants. I took months to convince him otherwise, eventually I failed. And on that day I have never been more glad. The look on his face when he saw me walking down the aisle in white is everything I could've hoped for, it was the best thing, it was everything... it was worth it. He is worth wearing white for. :)


Ps: My dress is white, but everything else is black, so, all good guys


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