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Oct 16, 2019    |   By Will
Elevated Elegance
courtesy of Yasaman & Ali

Many probably don’t immediately link the quality of elegance to simplicity, but the two go together like spring and summer. To understand elegance is to know the meaning of effective simplicity.


And for us who live and breathe the idea of the latter, nothing excites us more than given the chance to inject a dose of refinement into our work. Showcasing an aura of elegance in a wedding means going above a standard of plainness, giving a sense of graceful beauty and enveloping it with a touch of tastefulness.


If there’s a couple that perfectly capture the essence of elegance, for us it has to be Yasaman and Ali. They are the kind of people who carry a certain kind of composure in them, ever so polite but kind and genuine in a delicately warm manner. This class extended all the way through their family members as well, something that we thoroughly enjoyed when capturing everybody involved - especially the sisterly bond from the bride’s side.


The wedding itself was as stylish as it was refined. Everything was done exquisitely beautiful, right and appropriate from the start to finish. Blending the aesthetic values of Yasaman and Ali as the couple with the natural surrounding in Bali, was just the embodiment of elevated elegance we were aiming for.


It was not lost on us that despite the panache of the event, everything was still relatable and intimate. There were pure emotions of joy and touching moments, all encapsulated into a story of our couple’s once-upon-a-time. We truly believe in the importance of showing poise and sophistication without forgoing the sincerity of it all.


For being our wonderful muse and teaching us the definition of elegance, we thank Yasaman and Ali. Last but not least, allow us to wish them both,once again, a happily-ever-after that’s forever grand yet simple in their very own ways.


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