Axioo: Donny Wu
Oct 30, 2018    |   By Donny
Dreamy. Dainty. Delicate
courtesy of Charlie & Lauren

Something was in the air on the wedding day of Charlie and Lauren. It felt crisp,airy and lightweight. It’s as if everybody was walking on cloud nine that morning, but the one person who definitely did was our bride.


Exuding a simple yet enchanting flair, Laurent was a vision of the perfect bride. With her softly brushed face and freshly tousled hair, she put on her lace gown and veil. Ready for the day.


On the other end was Charlie, donning something equally minimalistic but effective. His get up may be nothing extraordinary, but that aura of happiness was so palpable it bounced off the room and the celebratory note was high.


Not sure about other people, but we simply lived for moments like this. Couples stripped off heavy makeup, dramatic dresses and the weight of luxurious perfection. Don’t get us wrong, glamorous weddings are classy and extraordinary in their own ways, but there’s just something so magical about two people baring their souls while keeping it minimalistically elegant.


As we took the couple and their company to the beachside after the ceremony, even the nature was feeling the good vibes with us. The gentle sun and warm sea breeze further highlighted the midday with passion, while the lulling waves rolled and sang a song of tropical dream.


What a blissful day it was for our happy couple. What a joy it was to be the one who eternalized this moment. Congratulations again Charlie and Lauren, stay simply in love. You've shown us it’s more than enough!


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