Axioo: Donny Wu
Mar 25, 2017    |   By Donny
Dreamy Beachside Paradise
courtesy of Katie & Neil

“It’s all in the essence”. That short sentiment probably describes what Axioo strives for, whether in photographic stills or videographic motions. It’s those little details in the fabrics, the small gestures a bridesmaid share with another, the tiny tear that forms in the eyes of a watchful mother of the bride, or a 2-second glance of love shared between the newlyweds.


It’s simple really. As photographer or videographer, we get only a glimpse or to be exact- a day-, to eternalize their love journey of hundreds of days. The way we see it, the wedding day is the peak celebration that honors what a couple has intricately weaved in their relationship and it is our duty to break the 24 hours down into miniscule details of perfection.


The wedding of Katie & Neil is such a case. When these 2 beautiful souls joined together in a holy matrimony, it is the unfolding of thousands of stories shared between them. It’s about the fragments of precious moments in friendships & family. So we want it to be nothing less that breathtaking and every way extraordinary, just like the love Kate & Neil share with each other.


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