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Jun 22, 2020    |   By Robb
Dream a New Dream
courtesy of Halda & Erin

Once upon a time, our dreams were just… dreams. They were only desires that lay deep within our hearts of an ideal future. They were all in our heads where we could make them as wild as we wanted them to be. When we dream, we want for it to come true. We look forward to the day we can live out our dreams, to the day we can stop hoping so much for the future to come so soon.


But, as we get closer to the end of our journey, we start to doubt, do we really want our dreams to come true now? What will we do after that? When our dreams are about to be brought into our reality, we start asking ourselves, what if it doesn’t turn out the way we’ve always dreamt it to be?


When we dream, we want for it to come true. But, in order for it to come true, we have to let it go: we have to say goodbye to the dream itself, and look forward to what’s next.


When you’ve reached your destination, dream a new dream.


Even if your dreams fail you, dream a new dream.


Dream a new dream, because life must go on.


Perhaps, your special days have recently passed. Whether it’s your graduation day, your birthday, or your wedding day. These are major life events, but not the only major life events. Like marriage – it is a huge milestone, but it is not the only milestone in life. Your life does not end, nor does it only start, with marriage. Even if it seems like your best days have passed you by, always believe there are better days ahead.


So, choose to spend your life with someone who is willing to dream new dreams with you. Someone who is excited to reach new heights with you, someone who would conquer your biggest fears with you. And perhaps, one day you’ll find your happily ever after.






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